Jumbo Poster Calendar A1

jumbo poster calendar

We have a range of 13 different standard pics of which you can mix and match which will be rimmed metal top and bottom.
Please note that all pics on our in house range is spot UV vanished (photograph finish / like gloss finish)
We are flexible to meet your Calendar needs when customising.

We believe that the rim is the engine of the calendar as our rim does not have a plastic hanger, ours is solid metal which means you will not lose a single calendar due to weight or wind.

We can design a calendar based on our stock images, your products or your own personalised design & logo. ( Must be supplied in PDF The images would need to be 300dpi high resolution, CMYK, Black must be 100%, No registration Black).
We can design the over print text and logo as required
we suggest all order to be placed as early as possible in order to avoid picture shortage, beat the price increase, receive early delivery .
Should we undertake your personal design a cost for design will be based on an hourly rate.

Approximately 14 working days, all deliveries will be charged according to the area.

594mmX900mm over print area 559mmX140mm over printed standard one colour black unless specified.

Printed on 150gsm gloss


Product Description Price Each Ex. vat Size Quantity
Jumbo Poster Calendar A1 R15.50 594mmX900mm 1000
Jumbo Poster Calendar A1 R19.50 594mmX900mm 500
Jumbo Poster Calendar A1 R25.95 594mmX900mm 250
Jumbo Poster Calendar A1 R29.50 594mmX900mm 100
Smaller Quantities on Enquiry